Marketing Management II Module



Course overview

Your first year of marketing management provided a broad overview of marketing elements in the business environment. This year focuses on the kinds of information required to develop a marketing strategy. You will look at the nature and scope of marketing, and study different marketing environments and marketing mix elements. 

We will discuss market segmentation, target markets, positioning, customer behaviour, environmental factors that could affect the marketing activities of the organisation, the integration of marketing strategies with the overall corporate strategy, and elements of marketing strategy.

Learning outcomes


Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the nature and scope of marketing;
  • Determine target markets and undertake market segmentation for particular products and services;
  • Explain the elements of the marketing mix;
  • Identify environmental factors that impact on the marketing of the organisation;
  • Integrate a marketing strategy with the overall organisational strategy; and
  • Determine competitive marketing positioning by analysing and interpreting market information.