Information and Communications Technology I Module



Course overview

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) involves the use of digital technology to access, store and communicate information.

However, while technology is useful for swift communication, we cannot escape written communication. This course therefore focuses not only on the technology side of ICT, but also on the information side. Effective communication relies on the information being clear, comprehensive and convincing. This can be achieved by understanding and applying the principles of analytical writing and research, and by developing presentation skills, which you will do on this course.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants should have developed:

  • Business application skills: Demonstrate use of both business and software skills in real world business applications;
  • Internet skills: ability to use internet tools to access information, conduct research or perform online calculations and analysis; and
  • Analytical, writing and presentation skills: ability to research a specific topic, analyse a problem, think creatively, suggest a solution and prepare a clear presentation of the solution.