Human Resource Management III Module



Course overview

After reviewing the major themes of your first and second year studies we will focus on how to employ the right people for your organisation. We will discuss recruitment, selection and induction processes, investigate methods of ensuring that employees succeed in their positions by exploring training and development interventions, and discuss the concept of human capital, along with understanding job requirements, descriptions, roles, responsibilities and competencies, and cover recruitment and selection in depth.

Learning outcomes


Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Review human resource management terminology;
  • Understand the notion of job description in relation to the job title, duties, roles and ‚Ä®responsibilities, specifications, key role interactions and salaries and benefits;
  • Evaluate different types of recruiting agencies and determine a process of recruitment;
  • Evaluate the different sourcing approaches and solutions;
  • Review the legislation in relation to recruitment and selection;
  • Conduct and evaluate the pre-selection process;
  • Conduct job interviews;
  • Select appropriate candidates;
  • Plan for the induction of new employees;
  • Induct a new employee;
  • Monitor and report on employee progress;
  • Conduct analysis to determine outcomes of learning skills development.