Human Resource Management II Module



Course overview

Human resource management focuses on all aspects that relate to the management of work in organisations, as well as the people doing the work.

This module focuses on the Human Resource Management cycle. In your first year, we described human resource management from the perspective of the human resource manager. This year we will discuss it from the perspective of the employee. (Next year you will look at it from an organisational point of view.) We will also evaluate the four steps of workforce planning, and discuss succession and career planning, managing performance evaluation, remuneration and rewards and professional workplace relationships.

Learning outcomes


Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Explore the human resource planning cycle;
  • Identify and understand the elements of the cycle;
  • Prepare a succession plan;
  • Understand career planning;
  • Understand job responsibilities and job descriptions;
  • Understand the processes of performance measurement, performance evaluation and the supportive systems;
  • Understand the use of performance appraisal in performance improvement;
  • Understand the differences between reward and remuneration;
  • Explore the nonfinancial rewards that can be used to motivate staff and
  • Explain the importance and approaches to developing workplace relationships.