Financial Managemement III Module



Course overview

Mergers and acquisitions valued at hundreds of billions of rand take place in South Africa each year. This module not only develops your understanding of the management of finance, both locally and internationally, but also requires you to demonstrate an applied understanding of concepts and practices.

You will be required to apply working capital management and ratio analysis. First we will refresh your knowledge and skills relating to ratio analysis and business viability. Then we explore a firm’s current liabilities (short-term financing) and the capital structure (long-term financing). We discuss capital structure, examining debt and equity financing and the optimal proportions of each. You will become familiar with the fundamentals of mergers, divestitures, and business failure, and explore the motives for foreign trade.

Learning outcomes


Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Apply ratio analysis in determining the viability of a business;

  • Distinguish between the different forms of financing available to a business;
  • Understand and apply working capital management;

  • Discuss the importance of working capital management;

  • Interpret and apply current assets and current liabilities management;
  • Display knowledge of cost-volume-profit analysis;

  • Explain mergers, divestitures and business failure;

  • Describe elements of foreign trade; and

  • Understand international managerial finance.